Introducing Version 7.0

Update to SafetySkills Learning Management System

You asked. We listened. Version 7.0 is here!

Version 7.0 of the SafetySkills LMS was published on December 4, 2015. This update was primarily focused on the events feature. We received multiple requests from clients wanting the online and offline training tracked within SafetySkills to be pulled in the same report, allow auto assigned to be associated with more than 1 group, and to create offline sessions for online courses. Version 7.0 answers all of these requests!

To learn more about this update and how it affects you:

  • Read below in the section entitled "How This Update Affects You..."
  • Read this knowledgebase article: How-To Create/Manage Offline Training
  • Contact SafetySkills customer care with any additional questions by submitting a ticket to
  • Login to your LMS to see the new update! If you aren't sure what your LMS login page URL is, please CLICK HERE, enter your email and then click "Find Learning Portal"

How This Update Affects You...

For Administrators, Super Administrators and Owners:

  • "Events" are now referred to as "Offline Courses"

  • Creation of offline and online courses has been moved to the “Courses” tab

  • Any previous events were migrated over to the courses tab and are stored as offline courses in the courses list

  • Any previous sessions, enrollments, and attendance records have all remained the same and were not altered

  • Offline courses must be assigned to users either manually (using the users and courses tab selections) or through automatic assigning in order to mark a user as enrolled or attended for a session

  • Create offline sessions for online courses
    • The major benefit to this is best described in a scenario. Let’s say your company does annual Back Injury Prevention training in person for half of your employees, but the other half take the SafetySkills online course. Before, you would have had to create an event for Back Injury Prevention and tell the system that event is recurring every 12 months. That would have made the event required for all of your employees. Then you would have added the online Back Injury Prevention course into the automatic assigning feature for your groups and said it was recurring every 12 months. That would have made the online version also required for all of your employees. As you can see, now every employee would have the in-person training AND the online course due every 12 months. With the new feature, you can directly associate the session with the online course. Then if they complete the online course, that satisfies the requirement, or if they are marked as attended for a session, that also satisfies the requirement and their assignment will show as complete for the year. They would only be required to complete one or the other to show as compliant.Learn More

  • The “Reports” tab now includes offline training
    • Use the “Add/Remove Columns” button to pull in the offline session data into your report. You can then save the report and utilize the automatic emailing feature for this data as well. Learn More

  • If you have saved reports you would like to pull the session data into, here are the steps to do that:
    • Go to the “Reports” tab

    • Select your saved report from the drop-down

    • Click the “Upgrade Version” button

    • Adjust your columns as needed

    • Click “Save"

  • Custom courses now allow you to enter in CEU’s
    • If your courses fulfill a certain number of CEU’s, you can now enter that data when creating a course. This information will pull into reports for tracking purposes.

  • Ability to delete sessions
    • You will now have the ability to delete sessions as long as there are not any associated completions with the session.

  • Additional session information
    • Sessions now have the ability to add the instructors name to the session to track who actually taught the training event

    For Learners:

    • Consolidated view on training page
      • Online and Offline training will now appear in one place under Current, Upcoming and Completed Training. Learn More

    • New “Details” button
      • Learners can click a “Details” button for each assignment which will let them see the course description, session information and any associated attachments. Learn More

We have published an article on how to create/manage sessions. This article will walk you through the steps with written instructions and screenshots to help you create/manage offline training. How-To Create/Manage Offline Training

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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