LMS No Longer Supports IE8

IE 8 support ending Dec 18, 2015

On December 18, 2015, SafetySkills will no longer support the Internet Explorer 8 browser or below for SafetySkills LMS Enterprise clients. While you may still be able to access the LMS using these browsers for the time being, support for technical or product issues will no longer be provided by SafetySkills and future LMS updates will not be tested or supported on these browsers.

Note: MySafetySkills and Direct clients were upgraded on October 15, 2015.Click here to learn more about the update for Direct and MySafetySkills users


Why are you doing this?

Security Concerns

Microsoft will be ending support for Internet Explorer 8 on January 12, 2016. IE 8 is over 6 years old and already has some significant security risks, and the end of Microsoft support will only make the browser more vulnerable to security flaws over time. This will make it impossible to ensure that our strict standards for customer safety and privacy are being met on these older browsers.

Learn more about Microsoft ending support for IE8

Compatibility Concerns

As support ends for IE 8, we expect to see more compatibility issues between the browser and modern course content. IE 8 already does not support HTML 5, which means that SafetySkills newest courses cannot play in the browser. Many recent and planned updates to our content simply cannot work on IE 8, such as support for mobile devices, language bundling and accessibility features. Read more about HTML5 and future product updates here.

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