Version 6.0 is here!

Included in this update:

  • Additional automatic assign features
  • Additional attachment options
  • Automated custom course upload
  • Additional filtering and export options on users and courses

To learn more about this update and how it affects you:

  • Watch the How-To video posted below
  • Download the automatic assigning tech sheet
  • Read below in the section entitled "How This Update Affects You..."
  • Contact SafetySkills customer care with any additional questions by submitting a ticket to
  • Login to your LMS to see the new update! If you aren't sure what your LMS login page URL is, please CLICK HERE, enter your email and then click "Find Learning Portal"

How This Update Affects You...

For Administrators, Super Administrators and Owners:

  • Automatic Assigning:
    • Schedule assignments by month
    • Automatically update assignments when any edits are made
    • Additional email options
    • Customize due date intervals
    • Note: If you want emails to send to users from the automatic assigning feature, you will need to go to your automatic assigning page and uncheck the boxes for "Delay Emails". At the time of the publish, all current assignments were marked as "manual" and will not auto-update. Please contact SafetySkills customer care or download the tech sheet for more information.
  • Attachments:
    • Attach in-person training certificates to their associated event session or individual user
    • Attach company policy forms in a location all users have access
    • The ability to attach documents to courses is now located in the Configure tab under "Attachments"
  • Custom Course Upload:
    • No more waiting!
    • Custom courses will be immediately added to your course library without need for SafetySkills approval

For Learners:

  • Automatic Assigning:
    • Auto updated assignments means learners will only be assigned the courses they need, on the appropriate intervals when they are added to the system or change groups
  • Attachments:
    • Can see any documents attached to courses next to each course title
    • Can see any documents attached to event sessions under each event session
    • Can see any documents attached to their user account under the "My Attachments" section.
  • Custom Course Upload:
    • Faster upload times allow for learners to be assigned and complete training without delayVersion

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