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From this page you can submit your ideas and vote on suggested LMS features and proposed SafetySkills® courses in our feedback forums. You can also search our knowledgebase for more information about our learning management system (LMS), courseware, and frequently asked questions.

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Knowledge Base

  1. Course Licensing 

    1. Can we license your courseware to operate on our LMS?
    2. What LMSs are you compatible with?
    3. What kind of licences are available?
  2. Customer Care 

    1. What is included in your tech support model?
    2. Will we be provided with a dedicated tech support representative who can deal with issues directly via phone?i
    3. What is the average response time for system support and tech support?
    4. Where is tech support located?
    5. What hours is tech support available?
  3. Implementation & Onboarding 

    1. The system would need to be implemented and running by September 1. What does a typical installation timeline look like?
    2. What is your library maintenance process? How do changes (additions / removals) of courses occur on SuccessFactors LMS?
    3. What is your implementation process? Timeline? What support do you offer for implementation?
    4. How do you get started, can you receive a data dump from our HR system?
    5. Can you help us transfer the old records from our computer based program into yours?
  4. Getting Started 

    1. Is there a quick way to upload a lot of learners at once?
    2. Email Assignment Notifications and Junk Mail Filters
    3. Creating Reports in the SafetySkills LMS
    4. Editing Employee Data
    5. Purchasing Credits - Direct Accounts
  5. Troubleshooting 

    1. The course freezes after the Introduction and Navigation slides
    2. I get a box with a red "X" or a blank screen instead of my training
    3. I click "Take Training" and nothing happens. I can't see my training.
    4. I did not get an email to verify or activate my account, how do I get into my account?
    5. Sound isn't working
  6. Course Content  

    1. What differentiates SafetySkills courseware in the marketplace?
    2. What do you mean by "competency-based Training?"
    3. Will these courses OSHA certify me?
    4. How does SafetySkills help us get relevant training to our employees?
    5. Please provide a listing of training modules available in the system.
  7. About Us 

    1. How long has SafetySkills been in business?
    2. What kind of experience do you guys have?
    3. Plans Available
    4. How does the SafetySkills Direct plan work?
    5. Frequently Asked Questions about DVDs
  8. EntPro LMS Features 

    1. How do I reset a password for one of my learners/users?
    2. Where is the password field on the login page?
    3. How will I be notified of an update to the system?
    4. Version 4.22 - What's New
    5. Does LMS send e‐mail reminders for required training and training that they may be overdue in taking?
  9. Languages and Localization 

    1. French-Canadian Courses
    3. What languages do the courses come in?
    4. When translating, are courses localized, or just translated?
  10. Compatibility & Requirements 

    1. Mobile compatible courses now available for MySafetySkills and Direct clients!
    2. Are your courses mobile ready?
    3. What is the content's browser compatibility and what plug-ins/versions are required?
    4. Has all content been tested in all world regions for delivery and user experience?
    5. Is your content compatible with audience response systems and devices?
  11. Custom Courseware 

    1. Do you have the ability to develop custom (work for hire) courses that we would then own?
    2. Do you create custom courseware?
    3. What instructional design methodology do you adhere to?
    4. What is the process to have courses modified or customized if needed? Can our branding be added to courses?
    5. Cost estimates based on example scenarios.
  12. All articles 

    1. Is there a quick way to upload a lot of learners at once?
    2. How do I reset a password for one of my learners/users?
    3. French-Canadian Courses
    4. ANSI Standard Z490.1
    5. What differentiates SafetySkills courseware in the marketplace?
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